Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What is a Corpocrichy?

(pronunciation: cor-POK-ruh-kee or cor-POK-ruh-see)

This is a new word I made up to define and describe our form of government by combining these three words:

1. corporation
2. hypocrisy
3. oligarchy


(pronunciation: cor-POK-ruh-kee or cor-POK-ruh-see):

A form of governance wherein trade guilds (corporations) organize together with all the rights and duties of both individuals (people) and business (corporations) forming a union (i.e. government), to control a country by operating it as a private unregulated business, usually for corrupt and selfish purposes. 

CORPOCRICHY (cor-POK-ruh-kee/see) is distinct from “democracy” in that “democracy” is the rule of a majority through systems of elected public representatives. CORPOCRICHY (cor-POK-ruh-kee/see), on the other hand, is a type of “labor union” by reverse engineering. Elected by a majority of stockholders privately representing the self-interests of the global business community (not blue-collar laborers), this form of government maintains and provides all the “trappings” of democracy (i.e., free speech, free press, freedom of religion, free elections and a so-called constitutional rule of law suggesting a pretense of moral principles it doesn’t really possess). A CORPOCRICHY (cor-POK-ruh-kee/see) creates the impression of representation when, in actual fact, there is neither public debate nor representative democracy.

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